Monday, 19 November 2012

Interview: Johnny Foreigner

Poster by Megan Arnold
Doors at 8pm
$5 at the door
Article by Madison Foster

It's not everyday that our fair city gets a visit from a band who has travelled all the way from Birmingham, UK. Especially when the band is as great and talented as lo-fi, punk rockers Johnny Foreigner. The newly redesigned four piece will be making a stop at the Black Shire Pub (511 Talbot St.) when they touch ground in Canada during their “Johnny Foreigner vs. The Atlantic” North American tour. Although the band, who originally formed in 2006, are no strangers to this side of the planet Johnny Foreigner will be a name more widely heard across Canada and the United States thanks to their recent signing with Chicago record label Swerp, as well as their latest EP release “Names,” their first release with Swerp but fourth with UK label Alcopop! Records. Full of energy and the right rhythm to get you on your feet this band is one that cure your hump day blues. On Wednesday, November 21st Johnny Foreigner (consisting of Alexei Berrow, Kelly Southern, Junior Laidley and newest member Lewes Herriot) will take the stage and bless us with some music along with :
The indie pop, progressive rock group that hail from Toronto who are lucky enough to share the stage with the band on more than several nights during the Canadian half of the tour. A band that displays the prefect combination of synthy keys and stunning harmonies. A combination that can be heard in their so new it's fresh EP “Mother/Father” and in their latest single Feet Here (which you can listen to here).

These local rock darlings are no stranger to the stage. With catchy, guitar driven tunes that will make your toes tap and will never disappoint. And how could you say no to a preview of new material set for the studio. Their “Horse Head EP,” released earlier this year, was greatly received on CHRW and the band has been featured on two local compilations.

Did I mention that this show is only $5? FIVE DOLLARS!

Not convinced? Need more information. Well lucky for you I was able to ask Kelly from Johnny Foreigner a few questions that you can read below! Yay!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Event: Olenka and the Autumn Lovers Dual Release

Article by Madison Foster

We here at London Calling have been following the work and music of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers since their start in 2008. With the lyrical genius of front woman Olenka Krakus and the mix of rock, folk and the right amount of Eastern European influence, who could blame us? So we're more than excited for the band's first release in two years with their “Hard Times” EP (a beautifully done seven track melody with telling of struggle and confusion in modern day society and pressures) AND the limited edition release of the“It's Alright” 7” (the first vinyl release for the Autumn Lovers full of haunting guitar and melancholy lyrics that set the scene of disappointment and longing). These two released are works of love and dedication put together in collaboration with the band and friends throughout the city. Both releases were recorded at local recording studio The Sugar Shack, owned and run by band member Simon Larochette and mastered by Dan Weston (who has worked with such names as Shad, Danial Romano and The Weather Station). “It's Alright” is to be released in partnership with We Kill Giants, a new independent label based out of London.

Just off of their month long tour across Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast and they're right back at it with a duel release show where fans can pick up the EP and pre-order the 7”. On Friday, November 2nd the band has invited music lover, friends and family to join them at the Talbot Street Church as they take the stage with local native turned Winnipeg folk songstress Jenny Berkel and London folk powerhouse Firehouse, lead by “Handsome” Dan Mancini and now with nine members taking the stage. Enjoy a night and fantastic music in a beautifully renovated church located at 513 Talbot St. Doors open at 6:30pm with music starting at 7pm. Tickets are available in advance for $12 at Grooves Records, Hot Dog and the Village Idiot or at the door for $15.  

Friday, 21 September 2012



In the newest episode of LCV Paper Lions were featured as our “Slacker Radio Presents” piece for their interview with Drew had interviewed them last year (If you haven't seen it yet don't worry. I'm going to put the link to it right here. And make sure to check out my interview with The Balconies while you're at it). Obviously time has passed and the band has been hard at work. The folk rock band from P.E.I. just released an EP “At Long Creek” and the beginning of the year (which is free for download now off their website) and just finished their first full length album after they made the switch to Paper Lions, formally Chucky Danger Band.
Since the band (including members John MacPhee, David Cyrus MacDonald, Colin Buchanan, Rob MacPhee) was interviewed for the show about a year ago I spoke to the guys via email about all that they've been up to and the band itself.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Posted By Brittknee Withikaye

Click through to watch the first run of LCV Episode 5 "Stay Here For a While" on Londonfuse

Feat. Grooves Band Profile w/ The Balconies, A Few Awkward Mins w/ Pat Tiffin, Slacker Radio Presents Paper Lions, A Freestyle w/ Jux Cain, and Gorilla Video feat. Darrelle London

Wednesday, 12 September 2012