Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Article By Drew Skitt

Meeting west coasters Current Swell was a lot like hooking up with Hands and Teeth, Wildlife, Paper Lions, and Metz, (all bands that will be making appearances on LCV). Automatically, I was drawn to each individual and there was this other dynamic that existed within the group - something I knew nothing about and instinctively knew to respect.

When Pat and I booked the Current Swell interview, we had just changed our approach with publicists. Since has been Pat my booking agent, our success rate in terms of landing interviews and access to shows is nearing perfection - he's one sexy cat.

One of our goals this season is to promote Gorilla Video. Rather than just booking interviews, this season we've been requesting performances in locations that sound (for lack of better word) - special. Gorilla Video will be a major part of what makes the show London Calling this season.

Current Swell's spontaneous GV is precisely why I have pursued this segment.  It's about collaborating with a band without firm plans to shoot in location 'x' and we try to use the bands first take - unless it's clearly a 'warm up'.  The point is to meet a band 50/50 on every component of the project.  It will be hard to top Current Swell's church track this season, but I know we can.

Episode 1, titled "Is that 100,500 In Your Collection Plate?," also has Californian Comedian Ari Shaffir turning the tables on Pat. Yes, you will find out if Pat Tiffin is a virgin or not in eppy one - that alone is reason enough to watch.

Thank you Brit for holding down the cuts, for your direction on the new title sequence and Dev for your camera work.  Major thanks to VANS and RVCA for the new kicks and clothes, and another big special thanks to Studio Kuefner (Christina Kuefner) for making us looks so good in this stuff.