Monday, 4 June 2012


Another EXCITING day at the office! Our RVCA gear has arrived! Just about 65 items shipped straight from BC by RVCA for our cast and crew to stay cool and stylish this summer on LCV.

Personally, this'll probably get me through the winter too! I'm pretty sure Drew won't have to buy any business shirts for another year either.

Thank you SO much RVCA! We LOVE the way your clothes feel, so light, cool and casual; and we all promise to take good care of them so we can keep wearing them forever just like last year's shipment.

You can watch our cast and crew get down at Studio Kuefner wearing the first round of sponsored clothes by RVCA on EP01 of LCV set to launch TONIGHT online at

Guys, don't be jealous! I've seen lots of RVCA wear right here in London at places like Archie's on Richmond Row and the malls (Masonville and White Oaks) just go in and ask for them to show you the RVCA line!

Or better yet, shop from the comfort of your own home! Check out their online clothing store below ...